Aludra Kijurorin

Hello, I'm Aludra, a furry artist who loves cutesy romance, videogames, and OCs <3 Below you can find sites where I'm active and post my artwork. Jester's Nook is my personal site, listing all my characters.

Commission Info

Note me on Furaffinity, or Tumblr for inquiries. I may add a dedicated email later.

Commissions are currently closed.

Outline only - $10 • Flat color - $15 • Shaded - $20
Outline only - $15 • Flat color - $20 • Shaded - $25
From the hips up
Outline only - $25 • Flat color - $30 • Shaded - $35
Full Body
Outline only - $35 • Flat color - $40 • Shaded - $45
Reference Sheets
Starting price - $80
Basic refsheets come with a full body front piece (shaded) a fullbody back piece (unshaded, mirrored lineart of the front) and a small image of your choosing. It can be a close up of piercings, a headshot, any small detail that you'd like. Please ask if you'd like to know more, I like to work closely with those who get refsheets to make sure I get it right.
Mature - Add $5 • Explicit - Add $10
Simple - Free • Unfocused - Add $10 • Detailed - Add $30
+50% to the price per additional character
+30% to the price for complicated characters (huge intricate wings, tons of tails, detailed clothing, etc)
$10 flat rate with artistic freedom
Telegram stickers
Pack of 1 - $10 • Pack of 5 - $45 • Pack of 10 - $90
Doesn't matter if it's SFW or NSFW.
Twitch Emotes
No longer taking commissions for these.


• Payment through Paypal only. An invoice will be sent to your Paypal email.
• Payment comes first, before I start drawing the commission.
• Multiple item discounts only apply to the current order, it can not be split across previous or future orders.
• I have the right to refuse a commission for any reason.
• If it makes me uncomfortable, I will not draw it. If you're concerned about the content, always feel free to ask and I'll let you know whether I'll draw it or not.
• Do not use my work for commercial purposes or sell it in any form. Twitch subscriptions are the only exception.
• Commissioner will receive non-commercial rights to all commissions, Commercial rights are negotiable but may incur a higher cost.
• Do not remove my signature for any reason.
• If what you're seeking isn't listed above, feel free to ask and we can discuss a price range.
• Please try to keep it within my artistic limitations. Meaning if I draw little fuzzy anthros, don't ask me to draw a detailed car and expect it to look right.
• I do draw from description and MS Paint scribbles so long as you work closely with me.